tat·too | ta-ˈtü | an indelible mark fixed upon the body by insertion of pigment under the skin or by production of scars.


A symbol. A quote. A face. A name. The inked lines peek out from under sleeves and pant legs, boldly adorn the wrists, shoulders, and calves of the bodies walking the streets. Tattoos may represent their bearers’ innermost truths turned outwards, begging the question: What story behind the symbol was so important that someone would render it a permanent fixture of their skin?

It takes courage and vulnerability to tattoo oneself—once done, there’s no hiding it from the public’s judgment or a lover’s eyes. Some serve as reminders to live up to one’s convictions, others pay homage to lost loved ones. Still others are survivors’  ways of transforming scars into new ones of their own design. A tattoo’s story begins long before its bearer lays down on the seran-wrapped bench, listening as the artist prepares the ink, closing their eyes as the needle first pricks the skin.

Frederico (1)

No todo está tirado, no todo está perdido…
Not everything is thrown away, not everything is lost…

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Eso decía ella siempre para cualquiera cosa que yo hacía. Era para mi algo muy amable, muy de corazón.
That’s what she always said for whatever thing I did. To me it was something very kind, very much from the heart.

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Actualmente ninguno tiene significado. Solamente uno. Éste que tengo acá.
Currently none of them has meaning. Only one of them. This one that I have here.

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Este tatuaje representa dos dioses: el dios de Venus y la dios de la luna.
This tattoo represents two gods: the god of Venus and the god of the moon.

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More Portraits

Wear your heart on your skin in this life.

Lleva tu corazón sobre la piel en esta vida.

Sylvia Plath


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